Always keeping up with the new technologies, MECAVI has a 3D digitalisation system, which allows us to draw data with speed and high precision using a white light. The speed of measurement which, in combination with the precision of the data obtained, contribute to the essential optimisation of the quality control processes.

The following are some of its characteristics, amongst others:

  • Automatic with efficient 3D digitalisation.

  • High precision and quality of data.

  • Excellent speed of capture.

  • Capable of operating with large parts.

  • Also employed in the quality control of parts under production.

  • Compact, does not require preparation of part marking for capture.

The 3D scanner can be applied to a very extensive number of fields, amongst which the following are highlighted:

1. Quality Control/Inspection

  • Comparison between the physical part and the CAD 3D model (inspection).

2. Mould and mould manufacture

  • Reconstruction of tooling.

  • Part scanning in order to use the data as programs for machining (CNC).

  • 3D data document archiving.

3. Industrial Design

  • Scanning and design of models using the data obtained in order to compare and file documents.

4. Inverse Engineering

  • Scanning of parts without plans which are not easy to measure directly using conventional equipment, on account of lack of accessibility of the measuring equipment being used or the precision level required.