MECAVI dedicates two warehouses to its metal fabrication work. These warehouses are differentiated according to the work developed in each of them, as well as the equipment available therein.

Metal Fabrication Warehouse Type I

With an area of 2,000 m2, this warehouse includes two overhead cranes, of 10 and 8 tonnes, respectively. The work carried out in these facilities is the following:



For metal plate: up to 32 mm thick and 3000 mm wide
For profiles: able to bend the following profiles at their most rigid side:

- 175x40 plate of Ø1200
- 110x110 square solid metal bar of Ø1500
- UPN-360 of Ø1200
- HEB-160 of Ø3200



Oxygen-cut and Plasma: with numerical control and bed of 8000 x 2600 mm. With capacity of up to 250 mm thick in carbon steel and 50 mm in stainless steel.
High-definition oxygen-cut and plasma: with numerical control and bed of 12000 x 2500 mm. With capacity for up to 150 mm thick in carbon steel and 20 mm in stainless steel.



Up to 3000 mm wide and 16 mm thick



The capacity of our pressing machine is 250 tonnes.


Plate bending

Of any type of material up to 1000 mm height at 90° for 35 mm thickness, with maximum span of 3100 mm and up to 4050 mm length. Maximum force 300 tonnes.



With up to 100 kN. Applying Ø20 mm on 14 mm thickness and Ø27 mm on 10 mm thickness.

Metal Fabrication Warehouse Type II

We have a warehouse of 830 m2 incorporating two overhead cranes of 32/10 and 6.3 tonnes, respectively. The work carried out is assembly of metal fabrication equipment by semi-automatic, electrode or TIG welding.

For the above purposes, we have a welding column with capacity of up to 4000 x 4000 mm with a submerged arc system. Additionally, we have in excess of 60 welding portable welding machines.

Our equipment