Mecavi was founded in 1988 as an auxiliary company in mechanical assemblies. The experience of the founding members, together with that of a group of other professionals and having a metal fabrication workshop helped Mecavi position itself as a company of reference in the fabrication, assembly and maintenance of all types of industrial facilities. Such expertise allowed us to enter the energy industry and carry out maintenance work for solar power, biomass and thermal power stations...

In the 90’s, Mecavi began to take on projects of greater complexity and responsibility, which in turn led to an increase in employee numbers and an extension of the facilities and working equipment plant.

We are currently a consolidated company, a leader in the machining sector, offering a fully comprehensive service covering the manufacture of items as small as one single part or as sizeable as large metallic structures, as well as machine equipment, pressure equipment and all types of metal fabrication items. Additionally, we assemble and maintain all types of industrial facilities.

The geographic scope we cover is such that it allows us to serve a significant number of clients and meet their needs to their satisfaction. Our service is based on a solid and reliable organisational structure and a recognised management and process optimisation integrated system.