Under this line of business, Mecavi offers its clients a great variety of manufacturing processes ranging from the manufacture of metallic structures, industrial metal fabrication to all types of machined parts, for which we have excellent professionals and large expertise of over 25 years.

Under the manufacture of metallic structures our pool of equipment and expertise allow us to carry out a great variety of structures such as bridges, structural frames for industrial equipment, etc. We specialise in highly complex structures in terms of technique and logistics, as well as those requiring a high quality finish, which is where Mecavi can offer added value. As well as the manufacture of structures, we also modify them in order to adapt them to the client’s needs.

Another branch within the manufacturing line, where we also specialise, is industrial metal fabrication. Subject to client needs, we can offer turnkey products, performing all the activities including the design, manufacture and painting. Our comprehensive equipment plant (including shears, laser cutters …) allow us to work with plates of considerable thicknesses and sizes.

We also offer a part machining manufacturing service, whether we follow the client’s plan or a design drawn up at our technical offices. Our extensive expertise has been acquired after many years in the metal industry manufacturing machines and all types of machined parts.