Mecavi provides maintenance services for each of the business areas. We have professionals with great experience in industrial maintenance and have all the support tools and documentary support of our activities proving efficiency and reliability.

In any sector, maintenance of the facilities and the equipment represents a significant increase in productivity, as any breakage or failure of equipment can mean the interruption of the production.

In maintenance we offer several branches such as:

Preventive maintenance. Correct application of preventive maintenance helps attain an increased number of production hours from equipment and good use of their useful life. This type of maintenance is performed by following the recommendations established for each piece of equipment, as well as the knowledge base of our technicians.

Corrective maintenance. Corrective maintenance corrects any faults in equipment or facilities and consists of identifying faults and repairing them. At Mecavi and through the employment of a good preventive maintenance procedure, we manage to minimise corrective maintenance, avoiding downtime and thus achieving a lower impact on productivity.

Reporting. Detailed reports are issued at each and every maintenance operation, to include descriptions of the tasks performed, which is in turn transferred to the knowledge base for future maintenance tasks.